About Us

MP Wears is an online concept store founded in 2014 to showcase innovative handmade fashion and design. We carefully curate unique pieces to offer a luxurious mix of exclusive designs which are all handmade, fairtrade and sustainable. 

 What does MP stand for?

MP stands for the initials of our founder, Milena Perez. Born and raised in the Colombian coast of Barranquilla, Milena lived her teenage years in Jamaica and became a Miami local since 2000. Milena always had a natural attraction to vibrant and creative fashion and a particular passion for artisanal products handcrafted in her home country, Colombia.
Parallel to her career as an international banker since 2006, she always had great interest and love for fashion and a philanthropic spirit. After wearing Colombian handmade jewelry from daily activities to special events and receiving continuous positive feedback, she decided to share with the world the amazing pieces she loves to wear.