Mola Necklace
18K Gold Plated Mola Embroidery Maroon with beige details 11" length 2.75" extender 2.5" pendant width  Handmade in Colombia by Kuna indigenous women
Chakira Statement Necklace
Composition: 18K Gold Plated Acqua black and light brown Chakira Beads Woven by women of the Embera Chami indigenous group Handmade in Colombia
Tesoro de Mar
18K Gold Plated Mola Embroidery Aqua maroon and multicolor details 10" length 2.5" extension  2.5" pendant width Handmade in Colombia
Solid Necklace
24K Gold Plated Raw Colombian Emerald This is measures 10" long 4.60" neck diameter Handmade in Cali Colombia
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